Experience has proven it is infinitely more efficient to function as a team. While anyone can say this, our project structure mandates it. During the creative process, we insist on having access to key decision makers. This allows us to move as quickly as possible by bringing key client representatives into the creative loop, discussing ideas directly. It also allows us to flex, particularly with startups, as information streams in, goalposts move and direction shifts.

There is also a time advantage inherent in direct discourse. There are no intermediaries. There are also no second-string players. When appropriate, we use several associates to support our efforts and streamline the process. These are seasoned pros who have proven themselves time and time again in similar endeavors.

Our belief, backed by many examples, is that an intense, compressed effort by a few high end professional players can accomplish significantly more than legions of mid-level talents. Especially if the mid-level guys are removed from direct client contact. Hixo is both streamlined and highly motivated. We love doing good work and are normally involved and accessible daily.